Best Drupal 8.3.3 Hosting Recommendation

5 (100%) 1 vote | Best Drupal 8.3.3 hosting recommendation. This is a patch release of Drupal 8 and is ready for use on production sites.

This release only contains bug fixes, along with documentation and testing improvements.

The following important issues are resolved in 8.3.3 (in addition to the dozens of other fixes listed at the end of this post):

  • #2302137: Improve performance when menu link value matches with the original value
  • #2804391: Resaving menu links that points to a non-node entity changes the type to node and breaks the link

Changes to the update process since Drupal 8.2.3

Beginning with 8.2.3, packaged Drupal releases no longer contain development PHP libraries. See Drupal 8 will no longer include dev dependencies in release packages for more information. See UPDATE.TXT in the Drupal download for full instructions on how to update.

Known issues

There are no known regressions in this release.

Updating from versions older than 8.3.0

We’ve received reports of the following issues with the 8.3.0 release that may affect those updating from older versions of Drupal 8:

  • A few sites have reported #2869449: PluginNotFound exception after update to Drupal 8.3 where the plugin name mentioned in the exception may vary. Administrators of affected sites should check the issue queues of contributed modules in use. Comment on #2869449 if necessary.
  • Sites that have the HAL module enabled and are upgrading from 8.1.x have encountered #2867444: Configuration schema errors whilst updating to 8.3.0. Possible workarounds include updating to 8.2.7 first and then to 8.3.0, or (for sites using Drush) updating to Drush 8.1.10. (Note that 8.1.x has been end-of-life since September 2016, so we generally do not provide full support for updates that skip minor releases.)

Best Drupal 8.3.3 Hosting Recommendation

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