Best and Recommended ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting with HostForLIFE | Best and Recommended ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting. ASP.NET is a great platform. ASP.NET 4.5 is the next generation of ASP.NET that provides a familiar and modern framework for web and cloud scenarios. It includes the next versions of ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Web Pages and SignalR. It is a high-performance and modular design, and supports full side by side to make it seamless to migrate from on premise to the cloud. These products are actively developed by the ASP.NET team in collaboration with a community of open source developers.

PrintIf you are a hard core fan of Microsoft ASP.NET Framework you need to pick a hosting provider who is developer friendly and has the required partner status conferred by Microsoft. This is because they would have installed all the required tools and components on the server with which you can build powerful ASP.NET web sites. is a popular European ASP.NET web hosting company. They fully support Windows hosting and you can run both ASP.NET and PHP on their hosting environment. If you would like to create a WordPress blog you can do so since the server has PHP support as well. Moreover, the company also offers domain and SSL registration as well. ASP.NET Hosting Overview

Founded in 2008 and since then they have grown into one of the largest windows hosting companies in the Europe. is operated from their registered office based in Manchester. Previously, they only have data centers in UK and Amsterdam. Since their business growing very fast, they spread their wings to other country. They have opened 5 data centers within 5 years, it is Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Seattle and Dallas.

Many developers trusted them due to reliable servers, excellent customer support and a wide range of features. The company was voted as best hosting providers by readers of the then popular magazines in UK and Netherlands. was the recipient of the “Golden European ASP.NET Hosting Services” award from Dev Pro Magazine. has been recognized as a Microsoft Spotlight Hosting partner. They are also licensed under the Microsoft’s Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) Program. The company also received several awards from leading developer magazines and online portals. ASP.NET 5 Hosting Pricing have a wide range of ASP.NET 4.5 hosting plans like other hosting providers. The company provides unlimited disk space and bandwith on all their hosting plan. The company provides free setup, offers 30 day money back guarantee with instant account activation. also provides the latest technologies on their Windows ASP.NET hosting environment, such as Windows 2012, latest MSSQL database version, WebSocket, URL Rewrite, etc. The company maintains state of the art data centers in UK, US, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Milan powered with Dell servers.


User Friendly ASP.NET 4.5 Control Panel use Plesk control panel which is very suitable for ASP.NET hosting. You will be able to manage domains, emails, databases, and statistics in addition to installation of several popular web scripts directly from within the control panel. It also includes an IIS manager with which you will be able to manage all aspects of your site such start and stop of website/FTP in addition to recycle application pool, default document addition and much more.

With Plesk control panel, customers can easily install more than 100 FREE applications directly from their control panel. The CMS such as wordpress, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, nopCommerce, Prestashop, BlogEngine can be installed directly via their control panel.

You can easily manage your email accounts via their plesk control panel too. They use SmarterMail that you can browse directly.

Reliabilty and High Performance ASP.NET Hosting that You Can Count on

All their data center utilizes the latest technologies and the support of robust facilities and infrastructures, its data center are powerful guarantee for the good performance of ASP.NET 5 hosting.

We have monitored the websites that hosted on their data center and collected relevant statistics during test period. The result shows that ASP.NET hosting performs surprisingly well both in speed and stability. The average response time of its servers is within 200 ms. The company constantly invests on facilities so now even at traffic peaks the loading speed of websites is at the top level.

Fast and Friendly Technical Support is the best when it comes to technical support. You can rely on a support team who are experts in ASP.NET development.  While their email support is top-notch, they also have an excellent forum support as well as vast knowledge base.

For one of our sites, we installed WordPress for blogging, but it did not work due to php script error. We emailed the support team and they immediately responded within 20 minutes and our blog was working fine. They not only mentioned the cause of the problem but also rectified it. You will not find this kind of support anywhere. Now don’t forget this was not even an ASP.NET error. They could have washed off their hands blaming that this is a wordpress issue.

Many ASP.NET hosting providers will prompt you to contact the developer of the script if there is any problem. But ASP.NET hosting rectifies the problem without wasting any valuable time.

In addition, technicians have developed many useful articles, how-to’s and tips in the blog, from which customers are capable of finding the answers they need and deal with their problems independently. – Your Trustworthy ASP.NET Hosting Partner

Let’s make a summary about ASP.NET 4.5 hosting service. Firstly, is the company who provides 100% .NET focused products only. Their hosting solution contains great rich resources, features and tools, and can help customers build and manage very powerful websites. Secondly, uses the latest Microsoft technologies and robust hardware to deliver customers one of the most reliable and fastest server performances.

The support service of ASP.NET is responsive and effective. Customers can contact the support technicians and get answers at any time.

Taking all ASP.NET hosting advantages and benefits into consideration, can be regarded as one of the best ASP.NET 4.5 hosting solutions that strongly recommend to individuals, developers and businesses.