Best and Recommended ASP.NET Hosting Tutorial – IIS controls to raise ASP.NET Website Performance | Best and recommended ASP.NET hosting. IIS automatically logs large amount of information just like customer IP address, Individual Name, Method, URI base, Standard protocol position, Individual realtor as well as large amount of other characteristics. All of those characteristics are certainly not essential by your application. It is simple to personalize what information to firewood as well as things to stay clear of. This ends in decreased bandwidth.

Follow below steps to customize IIS logging.

1. Open IIS manager (inetmgr).

2. Click on <server name> -> Sites -> <your site>

3. Double click on Logging module from middle pane of window.

4. From new window click on Select Fields

5. You will see a new window where you can select or de select logging attributes. Click Ok and from parent window right pane click Apply.


Also you can Disable IIS working. Comply with underneath measures to be able to disable this.

1. Wide open IIS boss (inetmgr).

2. Select <server name> -> Websites -> <your site>

3. Increase simply click Visiting element through midst pane of windowpane.

4. You will notice IIS working attribute windowpane. From proper pane of IIS working windowpane simply click Disable

HTTP Compression setting

Enable Static articles compression within IIS, it will help to be able to reduce static articles asks for. Allowing static compression provides you with more efficient by using bandwidth.

Also you can permit compression regarding vibrant articles nevertheless it contains runtime price tag to be able to practice vibrant articles, it might weaken COMPUTER resources functionality. So it is not necessarily helpful.

Comply with underneath measures to enable HTTP Compression setting within IIS

1. Wide open IIS boss (inetmgr).

2. Select <server name> -> Websites -> <your site>

3. Increase simply click Compression setting attribute.

4. You will notice look at boxes to enable Vibrant articles as well as Static Content. Make sure look at box regarding Static articles will be checked.

Vibrant articles compression element seriously isn’t mounted automatically within process. You must do the installation making use of Server Supervisor -> Part products and services.

You could check for additional details means of permit httpCompression regarding or net. web internet sites

Production cache

Caching is vital attribute of application, it will help regarding improving speed of IIS response occasion by taking duplicate of an website went to through most current user. If an additional user produce demand to be able to identical page kept within cache, IIS react together with duplicate through the cache with no reprocessing this articles. Production caching appreciably increase server response occasion regarding articles.

Comply with underneath measures to enable Production Caching

1. Wide open IIS boss (inetmgr).

2. Select <server name> -> Websites -> <your site>

3. Increase simply click Compression setting attribute.

HTTP expires header

The idea guides customer’s browser to be able to cache web sites and its particular aspects including css, scripts, photographs and so forth. It may help to minimize how many http asks for mail to be able to IIS through guests.

To put benefit because of this. Comply with underneath measures

1. Wide open IIS boss (inetmgr).

2. Choose web site that you can would like to produce adjustments regarding headers.

3. Increase simply click Http Reply Headers

4. From Action pane (right pane) simply click Set Popular Headers.

5. Check out Reach its expiration date Information as well as wanted benefit. One year will be advised.

Traditional OR NET element

To be able to configure typical OR NET internet sites IIS offers OR NET element. If you do not include typical OR NET program code you’ll be able to disable this element through IIS.

For those who have typical OR NET program code ensure you include designed underneath adjustments.

1. Disable IIS debugging: Wide open OR NET attribute through IIS Choose System -> Debugging Qualities

Set Enable Client Area Debugging as well as Enable Server Area debugging as untrue


ASP Threads Per Processor Unit

It specifies the maximum number of worker threads can be created. The default value is 25 and maximum can be 100. The ideal value for this is the number of threads that can consume less than 50% of processor time. You can set it to 50 and test performance. See more tips on ASP.NET Website Performance Improvement

For setting this value open ASP module from IIS -> click on Limits Properties and set value for Threads Per Processor Unit.

ASP Queue Length property

This property decides how often server should send error 503 (Server is too busy). When you set value too low server will send error 503 frequently and if you set it too high server will wait till the existing requests processed and responsiveness to user will be low. Watch queue on high traffic and set value accordingly.

If you do not have details for setting value of ASP Queue Length property, set it to the value of Threads Per Processer * Number of Processers. For example, if the ASP Threads Per Processor Limit property is 25 and you have four processors (4 * 25 = 100 threads), you can set it to 100.

For setting this value open ASP module from IIS -> click on Limits Properties and set value for Queue Length.

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