Best and Recommended Cloud Hosting Server Plans | Best and cheap Cloud Hosting Server plans. A cloud server refers to a logical server that is accessed remotely via a cloud service provider. It needs a cloud hosting platform for delivering its resources that are similar to physical servers. Cloud server can fulfill all functionalities of a web server and is often called as a virtual server.

Since a cloud server has a logical existence of a cloud service model built for the purpose of a service it can be categorized as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It depends on the process of server virtualization to be capable of delivering its capabilities. There can be multiple cloud servers that depend on an underlying physical server to fulfill their requirements of hardware components.

Every cloud server has its own operating system. A cloud server does not need centrally installed software and is a software independent unit. The underlying physical server is called as a dedicated cloud server and can only accessed via Internet


Cloud servers are considered to offer a highly stable performance and are preferred over dedicated servers due to stability and economy advantages. These can be scaled up instantly in terms of CPU power, disk space and memory. In terms of cost to cost comparison, cloud server offers a superior performance than physical servers.

Cloud hosting is a global phenomenon attracting businesses across the world. Services offered through cloud technology are matchless, highly secured and mitigate the risk of service degradation due to network issue or high volume of traffic on websites.

Best and Recommended Cloud Hosting Server Plans

At ASPHostPortal, with the right tools and latest techniques, strive to deliver highly secure cloud hosting server to businesses across the globe. Their cloud hosting solutions are designed to help empower your website performance.

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Their cloud hosting servers are hosted in world class tier III data centers with latest equipment and top class features like surveillance cameras, biometric entry, temperature controllers, extensive rack space, and unlimited power supply with robust back-up powered by top brand hardware including Dell,. Cloud server hosting environment is fully monitored by they team of certified technical experts 24X7, 365 days a year.

What ASPHostPortal cloud server hosting offers to your business

  • High Speed
    With their reliable cloud server hosting services by your side, your website experiences zero downtime irrespective of the website traffic hitting maxima’s and minima’s or constant highs
  • Flexibility & Scalability
    You can upscale your CPU utilization, RAM, processor, bandwidth needs as your website traffic grows. Their cloud server hosting services are highly customized with scalable infrastructure.
  • Less Cost
    Their cloud server hosting services are offered in pay-as-you-go modelthat allows you to utilize your every penny spent. You are just charged according to your usage. There is no high fixed cost or hidden charges.
  • Zero Maintenance Required
    Maintaining your company server in-house involves a lot of manpower, administrative cost and extension of office premises. You need state-of-the-art facilities and IT infrastructure along with constant power supply to keep your server up and running in a safe environment.