Best and Recommended Windows Hosting with DNS Failover | Best and Recommended Windows Hosting with DNS Failover. DNS failover solution can prevent your website from going down in the event of a server failure. Through automatic detection, an error on your primary server can be detected and traffic will automatically be sent to a backup server. It works by having two servers with identical content on them – a primary server and a secondary server. A third server monitors the primary server and detects if there is a problem.


If there is, it will automatically update the DNS records for your website so that traffic will be diverted to your secondary server. Once your primary server is functioning again, traffic will be routed back to your primary server. Most of the time your users won’t even notice a thing.

Below here, we have reviewed 50+ Best Windows Hosting provider that have DNS Failover system, and choose The Best and Powerful Windows Hosting with DNS Failover for you.

Best and Powerful Windows Hosting with DNS Failover is one of the world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting provider, servicing thousands websites around the world. offers a huge variety of hosting features and services. In this review, we only focused on their DNS Failover plan. The basic DNS Failover hosting plan they call Startup comes with 5 GB of storage, 2 data centers and 60 GB bandwidth at a decent price of $11 monthly. This plan is ideal for those who do not need a lot of data center. On the other hand, the Business plan provides 15 GB diskspace, 3 data centers and 150 GB bandwidth with a few more bucks on each month.


Hosting thousands of domains, there’s nothing less to expect from a provider like They support 24/7/365 in-house monitoring of their network to ensure that all customers’ websites are safe and full powered. Uptime guarantee of 100%, day and night, is maintained through very high-end DNS Failover service. makes easy for customers to contact them at times they need help. Being a large company, they introduced several venues on where customers can get timely support. Customers can send an email or create a trouble ticket to ask assistance. They have a dedicated staff of over 1,500 experienced customer support representatives that are always ready to assist you with any problem. You can contact them via email, and ticketing support. My personal experience states that the average time for complaint resolution is not more than 24 hours.

Advantages Using ASPHostPortal DNS Failover

Uptime and Downtime is one of the key issues that many website owners face. If you’re thinking to setup a mission critical website or an e-commerce site, then uptime and downtime is the thing you should consider while looking for a web host. The following are the reasons why customers choose ASPHostPortal as Best Windows Hosting with DNS Failover :

100% Uptime
They guarantee 100% uptime with their super fast and stable network, so there is no risk.
Automated Failover
They do the work for you by automatically failover your domains when their nodes detect an outage.
Super Instant Updates
They will propagates your IPs to their servers all around the world in an instant.
Monitors Servers While You Sleep
Their DNS failover system monitors your servers while you sleep, so you can ignore those midnight text messages knowing that everything will failover automatically during an outage.