How to Make Your Site Trustworthy | Due to the flourish of the online scam, hacking and internet fraud, people now hate to visit the unreliable websites. Especially, if they need to offer their personal information or to handle the money transfer, most of them will think twice before landing on your site. So, how to ease their worry about this? In the following, we’d like to come out some simple tips on how to increase website credibility, making your site trustworthy enough.

Generally, the new websites are much more likely to be viewed as the suspicious options. After all, these sites have no previous reviews and online footmarks. In this case, if your site is the new one, the following tips can help you a lot.

Tell People Who You Are

Generally, people have their own standards about which kind of website can be regarded as a reliable one. However, there is a common principle that people do not engage with your site if they do not know who you are. After all, people do not connect with a website, but you – the website owner instead.

In this case, you need to publish an information-rich section to introduce yourself clearly. For instance, you can tell a story of your website building, your working group and even the whole business. Note that the simple self-introduction can make people feel impersonal.

In addition, the lack of contact information may give people a feel that you are hiding something. In this case, the basic way to contact you is also important.

Make Your Domain Registration Information Public

In fact, this is a controversial method. It is true that the private domain registration information can protect you from some hacking issues and online fraud. However, this practice also makes your website suspicious and reduces the visitor confidence on your site.

In this case, if you use the contact information of your online business to register a domain name, we think you can make the information public.

Come Out the Clear User Privacy


This method is pretty important if your website gathers plenty of user information. People care about the information they have submitted. In this case, if your site does not discuss what you may do with their personal information, they can be driven away. Even, as tested by NFIC, 25% of people do not make the online deal due to the fear of information stolen.

In this case, you’d better be conscientious about the page of User Privacy. From this special page, you need to tell people clearly that their personal information is collected only for your website content and offerings. Also, you should give them the confidence that their submitted information will not be released to any third parties

Pay Much Attention to the Visual Appearance

As researched by the Stanford University, most online visitors view the reliability and credibility of a website based on the visual appearance. In this case, if your website looks old with bad navigation, low-quality pictures, unclear layout, garish color schemes and many more, people may doubt on your trustworthy.

In fact, this concern can be addressed easily due to a large number of website templates available. You only need to pick up the most proper and your loved option.

Reduce the Advertisement

Surely, you can leave some special spaces on your website for the advertisement, such as the footer and the sidebar. This is a great way for online monetization. However, the issue is that if you place too many ads, your visitors are less likely to trust your website. Especially, you may annoy your readers when the ads pop up constantly or crowd out your main textual content.

Personally speaking, the sidebar ads and the in-text advertisement links can work the best and will not bother your visitors.

Speed Up Your Page Loading and File Downloading

Your website can look less professional if your pages need a long time to load. In this case, you have to try your best to speed up the overall running of your site as fast as possible. For this, you can consider the following simple tips.

  • Make sure that your web host is the top-quality one.
  • Optimize all the visual components on your site with the reduced file size.
  • Make use of the caching system and some speeding up tools.
  • Reduce the page overhead, such as your plugins, CSS and JavaScript.

Write and Edit Properly

This is the basic method to make your site as reliable as possible. You need to take time searching for the content topics, coming out the proper words, going through the whole content and proofreading for any errors carefully. Note that the website that is full of poor grammar and mistakes can be viewed as the spam platform.