Tips For SEO Friendly Blog Post | What is SEO blogging is known to all marketers that require you to create a blog post such a way that can improve the ranking in Goole search engine. But there are many who have good writing skill but is not able to create a post that is SEO optimized. So, here are few tips that would help you to create a readable and SEO friendly blog post with ease.


Plan the message first:

Think a lot before you start writing. A SEO friendly post can’t be written such a way that you just start writing whatever comes to your mind. Make a note first of the things which massage you want to deliver to the audiences, what is the actual purpose of the post, what question is to be asked to the readers etc. and then start writing according to that.

Also the post should have a clear structure, such as an introduction that will include topic introduction. Next the body part that will be comprised of main message and finally a conclusion where you need to mention and summarize the important ideas. This way your writing will become far easier.

The answer of what is SEO blogging is, it is a post comprised of paragraphs, headings and subheading:

What is SEO blogging or how to write SEO blogging is the question of many, while one of the main criteria to write a SEO optimized blog post is it should not contain a long and unreadable content. Rather there should be paragraphs, heading and subheading. However, each paragraph should contains useful messages, do not create unnecessary paragraphs even though.

Heading is important for both SEO and readability. The heading help people find into the main topic and thus the ranking is improved by Google. If you want to further divide the headings, subheadings or bullet points can be used for that purpose.

Include signal words:

Signal words are really helpful to structure the text while audiences can easily find out the main idea of the text as well. For example, if you are proving the reasons to buy your products or service to the readers, ensure to include words like first of all, secondly, finally etc. while other types of words such as indeed, definitely, nevertheless etc. too provide a very clear signal to the readers.

Another answer of what is SEO blogging is the optimization of images:

Including images in the text is another great effort to make your text SEO friendly as audiences like to go for the texts that are accompanied with images and they will be more likely to purchase the products with attractive images. But with that it is again to ensure that the images you are inserting are optimized. The images should be large enough for readers to see clearly while at the same time, those images should not take up more space and should be loaded fast without any lagging. In case the page takes more time to load, it will be nothing but loosing readers which will have impact on the ranking.

The length of the article:

You should take care of the length of the article as well. It should not be so small or long enough to scare away the readers in the starting. Ensure the article is of 300 words at least and try to stop it at 700 words. This is the perfect rule which is loved by Google and readers both.

Use the keywords intelligently:

Keywords are must in the SEO friendly blog post but too much usage of keywords damages the readability of the articles and that result in loosing of viewers finally.  So, you need to use the keywords wisely as a good writer. Also do not place them anywhere in the post that will make the text ridiculous. What is suggested for the keywords is, the percentage of keyword should be 1-2% of the text. That is if the article is of 300 words, the keywords should be presented in the post around 3-6 times.

The posts should be shareable: 

The first criterion is to create a post that is viewed by as many people as possible. The next goal is to help people to like, comment and share you post as it will automatically increase the ranking. For this, buttons like share should be added in the blog post through which readers can easily share the post they like most. This is one of the main criterions to create a SEO friendly blog post.

Link other contents:

In case some contents are already written on the same topic, add a link of the previous content in that topic. It will help you to get ranking in the Google while you will also win the loyalty of your readers this way. Once you become more credible to the users, they are more prone to share the articles with others and this is no doubt good for SEO.

Add contents on regular basis:

Google likes the websites that are active, in case you do not post frequently, Google will be less likely to scrawl through your website and it will ultimately have impact on the rankings. So, add posts very frequently and let Google know that your website is very active.

So, these are the tips that you can use to create a SEO friendly post and definitely posts created following the tips will have great positive impact on the Search engine ranking.